82. Burning Mountain

Side quest

Road Event: A large flying bird is seeing overhead, smoke billowing out of it. It eventually plunges to the east. The mercenaries rush to the scene and find a limping, soot-covered Quatryl kicking a giant winged contraption made of leather and metal. He asks the group to help him getting the thing in the air again, but the group first ask for an explanation before helping in any way. The Quatryl explains that he invents those contraptions and that the world need them. He eventually calms down and agrees to take the broken thing back to town for further adjustments. (Gain 1 prosperity)

City Event: On a trip to the New Market, Squeaky sees a curious see chart displayed in a Valarath merchant’s stall. The merchants tells him that the mapa will lead to a location of untold riches. The Vermling calls for Tanner and the two bargain for the map (Lose 20 collective gold, Party Achievement: A Map to Treasure, Unlock “Sunken Vessel” scenario 93)



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