3. Inox Encampment

Main quest

Road Event: The mercenaries meet a group of brow-beaten Inox trudging down the path in the opposite direction. They are carrying what seems to be all that’s left for them and they are all covered in what appears to be soot. The shaman at the head of the group screams that the “beast awakens! The mountain is aflame! Beware you do not anger it!”. Tanner and Squeaky decide to ignore the shaman’s rumblings and carry on, but they eventually feel a certain amount of unease. There is a slight tremble in the soles of their feet, and, in the distance, a black cloud of smoke grows. (Unlock Burning Mountain scenario 82)

Scenario: Following Jeckserah’s request, Tanner and Squeaky visit the Inox Encampment to teach them not to raid caravans going to Gloomhaven. What they find is a cluster of huts in a small clearing in the forest. They are immediately ambushed by Inox Soldiers and Archers from all sides, but the creatures they summoned take the brunt of the attack, eventually collapsing. More Archers and Soldiers appear but the Cragheart and the Mindthief eventually dispatch them. The rest of the Inox decide to step back, and it’s then that the mercenaries see half-dozen crying, screaming Inox children. Most likely the fallen Inox are they fathers and mothers. Tanner and Squeaky flee from the scene, a heavy burden on their shoulders. (Horned Helm DESIGN)
Jekserah tells the two that they were thieves and murderers, but that’s very hard to swallow. She pays the two (15 gold each and +1 prosperity) and asks them to steal a diamond from a mine overrun with Vermlings. This does not sit well with Squeaky after having rampaged through an Inox encampment on her request. He does not want to do the same with fellow Vermlings.
After leaving Jekserah’s manor, the two mercenaries are approached by Argeise, a female Quatryl clad in dark leather armor. She introduces herself as part of the city guard and tells them that Jekserah is up to something very sinister: “She’s been trying to overthrow the military in Gloomhaven for as long as I’ve been here, and we’re all very curious about what her current machinations are”. She tells them that they can get to the bottom of Jeckserah’s plan and expose her for who she really is by visiting a warehouse he owns in the city (Party Achievement: Jekserah’s Plan)

New scenario options: Steal the diamond for Jekserah (scenario 9 – Diamond Mine) or investigate her true intentions (scenario 8 – Gloomhaven Warehouse)

City Event: Walking across the Silent Bridge on their way to the Sleeping Lion, the mercenaries notice a Quatryl selling plates of food and curious contramptions. He offers the food saying: “Food enhanced with science! Flavors beyond your wildest imagination!”. The pair of friends decides to continue on their way to a less adventurous meal. (No effect)



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