2. Barrow Lair

Main quest - Boss fight

Road event:

Scenario: The four mercenaries went deeper into Black Barrow, reaching the catacombs below and managing to find the thief and his crew of bandits and undead. It was a hard fought battle, leaving the scoundrel and the spellweaver completely exhausted, but the combined effort from the group was enough to overcome the enemies and recover the lost documents. (+10 gold each, +1 prosperity)
Prior to meeting his death, the thief showed strange arcane powers, raising undead creatures from the bones littering the floors and praising his worship to something called “The Gloom”.

New scenario options: (scenario 3 – Inox Encampment) or investigate “The Gloom” (scenario 4 – Crypt of the Damned)

City event:



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