4. Crypt of the Damned

Main quest

Road event: Meeting a family of deer and choosing to just watch the deer for a little bit. A large Inox shoots one of the animals and shares the spoils with the group. (Start scenario with BLESS).

Scenario: The ruins of an ancient crypt are now the lair to bandits and cultists. Beyond the animated dead that followed them also in the Black Barrow, the cultists have control over elemental beings, enraged and demonic. The mercenaries make short work of the bandits and cultists, but the giant earth demons are not so easy to get rid of. The Spellweaver collapses, exhausted, but allows the rest of the group to disrupt some sort of ritual that was happening in the last chamber. These elemental demons belong on an entirely different plane of existence, but the cultists have somehow managed to pull them through to the material plane.
The mercenaries get whatever powerful or valuable items from the ritual chamber (Ring of Skulls DESIGN) and learn that this crypt was once a place of power used by an ancient civilization. Those ancients tapped the power of the elements to enhance their own lives.

New scenario options: Disrupt more of the cult’s work in another place of power (scenario 5 – Ruinous Crypt) or confront the undead in a place overrun by them (scenario 6 – Decaying Crypt).

City event: A rustic man approaches the mercenaries at the Sleeping Lion asking if they can look for his brother in the Corpsewood. He went there hunting and never returned. The group agrees to look for the missing brother. (Add Road event 65 to the deck)



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