67. Arcane Tower

Side quest

The following morning Tanner meets Squeaky, a Vermling Mindthief. He’s been out of town for some time, but is looking for work as well. Lotus and Sunday decide to take some days off before meeting again to head for the catacombs, so Tanner and Squeaky get the map with strange writings and follow its instructions. They journey along the East Road looking for a large wooded area north of the Watcher Mountains. They find a group of Inox warriors fighting a band of armored humans. Even through the humans seem like Gloomhaven guards, the two mercenaries end up helping the non-human Inox and lay low the human attackers. The Inox appreciate the support and thank them (Gain Necklace of Teeth item).

The map finally brings to the ruins of a once-great tower. The writings mention a treasure locked away that would only grow more powerful and valuable with time. Forest creatures protect the ruins and the mercenaries have to run past them to reach the front door. Squeaky gets inside and tries to find a way into the library mentioned in the map, while Tanner keeps back to hold the creatures with his elemental powers. Squeaky manages to get inside the library while invisible and finds it still pristine, with a massive stone golem at its center. The golem speaks: “No! Why have you come here? I have destroyed all there was to take. Why do you force me to kill?”
Tanner gets inside the library as well, leaving the forest creatures outside and the two almost succumb fighting the arcane monster. Tanner finally manages to push him down into a big bookcase and destroy his head with the war hammer. He retrieves the still glowing power core, knowing that some power still lies in there (Gain Power Core item), while Squeaky grabs some books (+10 experience) and jewelry before heading out. (Global Achievement: Ancient Technology I)

Back in Gloomhaven they are approached by a Vermling trying to sell them a piece of something valuable. Squeaky trusts the fellow Vermling and they end up giving all their remaining gold for a foreign contraption (Gain Curious Gear item, Global Achievement: Ancient Technology II).



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