1. Black Barrow

Main quest

Tanner Arch, a Savvas Cragheart, Sunday, an Orchid Spellweaver and Lotus Enen, a Human Scoundrel, mercenaries looking for work, meet at the Sleeping Lion. They are approached by Jekserah, a Valrath woman, who is willing to pay them 10 gold coins to track down a thief an retrieve her stolen goods/documents.
On their way to the Black Barrow, where the thief is supposed to be,, they join a wood gathering expedition as guards, and end up saving the workers from Vermlings, without any major incidents (+10 experience each). The human even saves a puppy from certain death and brings the animal to the Black Barrow with her (+1 reputation).

Entering the Black Barrow the mercenaries find it filled with bandits and undead, but cannot find the target. They manage to vanquish the enemies (Party Achievement: First Steps) and decide to return to the city to rest before daring the Catacombs below. The human finds a map containing some old writings before leaving (Side Scenario Arcane Library 67).

Avoiding the Sleeping Lion, they head to the Brown Door. After drinking a little, they are still able to handle cultists dealing with blood vials to the city authorities (+2 reputation).



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